Combat flying

Do you wish an adrenalin rush ?  Not excited by flying around in circles ?  Then combat is what you are looking for.  A paper ribbon is towed behind the gamers aircraft. The object of the game is to cut your opponents ribbons. There could be as many as 5 planes in the air at any one time.

This aspect of the sport has a very good potential to destroy a normal, balsa wood airplane.  So free thinkers came up with coroplast airplanes. Coroplast is the corrigated plastic used in most advertizing signs .  We use 2 sizes.  4 mil is the most common and is easily accessible.  2 mil is harder to find and must be bought in bulk.. This stuff is cheap and very robust.  It can cartwheel across the field and suffer only minor damage.  I learned how to fly using a coro plane and it survived where balsa wouldn’t.

The latest development is to go electric with smaller foam aircraft. The Dryden members are heading this venture.

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Open the S.P.A.D. link for free plans and building tips for everything from gentle easy to build trainers to scale models. And of course quick and easy combat planes