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Welcome to the Lake of the Woods Aeromodeller’s Website.

Our club is Incorporated, fully insured, and affiliated with The Canada Wide organization  “Model Aeronotics Assosciation of Canada”  MAAC

This site is dedicated to providing newcomers to the sport and to the community, an in-site to our club activities.  When & where to find us, the do”s and don’ts of the sport Getting started, and what you need to get started.  Just click on the menu items listed to the left and at the top of this screen.

Where to find us:   Formally a landfill site east of Kenora on Hwy. 17.  Field location

When to find us:    Members can purchase keys to the field so there could be someone flying anytime the weather is favourable .   And most evenings (after 5:00)  if the wind is light, but we have 2 “special” evenings.

Tuesday is “training night”.  We will try to get newcomers and visitors into the air. If you are a visitor, don’t be shy – Introduce yourself and you should be directed to the people who can help

Friday is “BBQ night”.   The BBQ is fired up and everyone brings a meal for themselves. It is a social night as much as a flying night.

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We would like to meet you – so come on out !!

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